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We are delighted to announce the return of the NOTB Leasehold conference in 2018, this year with even more to offer. This unique day provides an opportunity for individuals to further their knowledge and understanding of best practice in a wide range of topics as well as sessions dedicated to discussing some of the paramount issues facing our sector today. With opportunities to improve your own knowledge, contribute to the development of our sector, and network with other like-minded professionals can you really afford to miss out?


With a vast selection of industry topics, you will have the opportunity to develop your own schedule for the day including attending our larger briefing sessions, selecting the workshop sessions which are of most relevance to you, networking with your peers, industry associations and visiting our sponsor showcase area.

Industry Briefings

Residential leasehold: the past, the present and an uncertain future

Anna Favre, Partner, Pemberton Greenish LLP
The residential leasehold system has seldom been confronted by greater challenges and scrutiny. Widespread publicity on unfair practices in the leasehold system has led to a government consultation on how to address the injustices in the system. The proposals for reform are sweeping and include statutory controls on the reservation of ground rents and a simplified lease extension procedure. Digital technology also presents its own unique set of challenges and assistance alike. A whistlestop tour of where we have been, where we are now and where we are likely to head in the residential leasehold sector.

Legal Update

Cassandra Zanelli, Partner, PM Legal Services


The Legal Perspective

Understanding and preparing for the changes to GDPR for those working in the Leasehold Sector
Speaker: Brian Auld, Partner, Brethertons LLP
• Changes to data protection
• How does this impact property managers?
• What do property managers need to know to stay compliant?

Beware the black hole… the legal requirements of service charge collection to ensure effective recovery
Speaker: Cassandra Zanelli, Partner, PM Legal Services
• The legislation impacting service charge collection
• Compliance with lease terms
• The impact of recent case law on recovery

Understanding the impact of the Pre-Action Protocol changes on residential leasehold property disputes
Speakers: Sarah Goodall, Dani Green, Solicitors, Bolt Burdon
• Understanding debt recovery
• Changes to pre-action protocol
• What is the potential impact for ground rent and service charge recovery

Leasehold enfranchisement and lease extensions legal update - the potential effect of the white paper
Speaker: Roger Hardwick, Head of Residential Enfranchisement Department, Brethertons LLP
• An update on legal cases surrounding Leasehold Enfranchisement and Lease Extensions
• The potential impact of the White Paper on Leasehold Enfranchisement and Lease Extensions

Right to manage (RTM) in practice
Speaker: Yashmin Mistry, Partner & Head of Property Practice Group, JPC Law
• Management functions of the RTM – what does it actually take over?
• Lease covenants – statutory notice obligations on licences to assign, licences to alter etc
• Insurance
• Company issues Can costs of running the RTM be put through the service charge?
• Handover of uncommitted service charges on the acquisition date

Property Licensing Regulation in London
Speaker: Chris Baker, Owner, McDowalls Surveyors
• The reasons councils licence
• Practical Steps to Learn to ease the process
• Reasons to build a good relationship
• Risks to your clients


Risk Management

Placing insurance and the effect of Grenfell
Speaker: Bryan Harding, on behalf of Deacon, part of Gallagher
• The basics of building insurance
• The importance of accurate information
• Fires in tower blocks
• Legal Responsibilities
• Insurers’ concerns following Grenfell
• Addressing your clients’ concerns

Efficient planning when undertaking major works project
Speakers: Julian Davies, Founder & Managing Director, Zoe Walheim, Chartered Building Surveyor & Team Leader, Earl Kendrick Associates
• Establishing a sinking fund
• Section 20 notices
• Managing residents’ issues

The importance of effectively managing risk assessments
Speaker: Dr Shaun Lundy, Technical Director, 4site Consulting Ltd
• The importance of health and safety and fire risk assessments
• What to do following a risk assessment
• Liaising with clients regarding required works
• The risks of non-compliance


Business Development Explored

Property management as a career choice - Think Tank Session
Speaker: Andrew Bulmer, CEO, IRPM
• A group discussion focused around how we can improve the profile of property management and engage young people in our sector.

How can we address leaseholder apathy? - Think Tank Session
Speaker: Dr. Nigel Glen, CEO, ARMA
• Government direction (Hackitt review; Commonhold; Residents Association) is for more leaseholder participation – how do we achieve this?
• If we cannot get leaseholders sufficiently involved, what are the alternatives?
• How do we ensure that leaseholders/RTM and RMC directors understand the sector and legislation?


Professional Development

An introduction to PRS for leasehold professionals
Speaker: Richard Berridge, Managing Director, Blackbird Real Estate Consultants
• Understanding the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and Build to Rent (BTR)
• Why PRS has become such a ‘hot topic’
• The impact of PRS for block managers
• Why understanding this growing market is important for block managers
• Will there really be an impact on leasehold?

Effective communication for improved customer service and client retention
Speaker: Rebecca Bailey, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Optimistic Fox
• The importance of communication in customer service
• Understanding the impact of tone in communication
• Skills for producing better communication

Reading and understanding a Lease
Speaker: Yashmin Mistry, Owner, Partner & Head of Property Practice Group, JPC Law
• The importance of knowing what is in a Lease
• Understanding the various parties obligations under the lease
• How to read a Lease and the rules of Lease interpretation
• Common pitfalls when reading leases
• Remedying defective Lease

Our Speakers

Hear from key industry speakers including:

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Brian Auld

Partner, Brethertons

speaker img

Rebecca Bailey

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Optimistic Fox

speaker img

Chris Baker

Owner, McDowalls Surveyors

speaker img

Richard Berridge

Managing Director, Blackbird Real Estate Consultants

speaker img

Andrew Bulmer


speaker img

Julian Davies

Founder & Managing Director, Earl Kendrick Associates

speaker img

Anna Favre

Partner, Pemberton Greenish LLP

speaker img

Dr. Nigel Glen

Chief Executive Officer, ARMA

speaker img

Sarah Goodall

Solicitor, Bolt Burdon

speaker img

Dani Green

Solicitor, Bolt Burdon

speaker img

Bryan Harding

Risk Management Solutions - Team Manager, Gallagher

speaker img

Roger Hardwick

Head of Residential Enfranchisement Department, Brethertons LLP

speaker img

Dr Shaun Lundy

Technical Director, 4site Consulting Ltd

speaker img

Yashmin Mistry

Head of Property Practice Group, JPC Law

speaker img

Zoe Walheim

Chartered Building Surveyor & Team Leader, Earl Kendrick Associates

speaker img

Cassandra Zanelli

Partner, PM Legal Services



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